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Oct 16:   BASIC (Planned by Teen Council)

Oct 23    BASIC (Series Final) 

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SIC: Oct 27 from  7 - 9

Keeping Christ: Oct. 25 7:30 - 9 (mass at 7) 







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BASIC meets on Sunday nights from 6:30 PM to 9:00PM in the Davidson Center at St. Anastasia Roman Catholic Church. St. Anastasia Catholic Church also has a Youth / Young Adult Mass at 5:00 PM on Sundays.

For more information on meeting dates and topics check out the Calendar section of the BASIC website.

For more information contact:

Andrew Cipolla
Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator
Ph: (248) 689 - 8380 ext. 108


St. Anastasia Roman Catholic Church
4571 John R Rd.
Troy, MI 48085
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What's Happening at BASIC?

This Sunday is Teen Lead!

I hope everyone had a great and blessed week and has been practicing the ‘little way’.  We continue this Sunday taking another look at how we can incorporate the ‘little way’ into our lives.  The Teen Council has been working hard to bring to BASIC this Sunday a specialized teen planned night that will bring ‘the way of trust and love’ into a more practical light and offer teenage ways for its daily application.  I for one can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Come Holy Spirit!

How we are becoming Saints!

I thought I should give a little update as to what exactly we have been doing so far this year at BASIC for those who have been unable to attend.  I can really sum it all up in just two words – becoming saints! 

Since the start of BASIC, three weeks ago, the Holy Spirit has led us to journey together with St. Therese on a series that covers the simplest application of her ‘little way.’  What is the little way?  Well to put it simply it is a way to abandon yourself as a child to the love of our Father in heaven, and to capture his heart. 

Who doesn’t want to capture the heart of their father?  Even those of us who have great earthly fathers and not so great can relate to this simple image.  All of us, from the young to the old, the 13-year-old to the 80-year-old are beloved children of God. 

What difference does it make to the God of the universe weather you’re 13 or 80?  None, it makes no difference and in fact this is a great blessing because if you approach him as a child when you make mistakes, He will respond with the greatest Love. 

As St. Therese puts it, if a small child says, “Daddy, I’m not perfect, I do lots of silly things, but you know how much I love you! And when I do something silly, I ask that you punish me with a kiss!”  I can’t imagine any father not being moved to love in such a situation and we can have the same effect on our Heavenly Father. 

In the last two BASIC nights we have learned how to invite Jesus into our littleness and imperfections.  We’ve learned that our weakness actually attract God’s love, if we accept them and put them into His hands.  We also learned that a great way to become holy is to do small things with great love (like the dishes; extra points for something gross like picking up dog poop). 

Just this past Sunday we expanded by adding trust into the equation and learning ways to grow our Trust in the Father.  Much like love, we learned to do small acts of trust as a way to continue our growth in holiness and to reach our goal of becoming saints.  We all may be a work in progress but that is what will make us holy.  

Keeping Christ

A group for upperclassmen to study the faith with Fr. Jim. Continues October 25 from 7:30 - 9 (Mass at 7) in meeting room E.

Bibles and Bros (B&B)


Sisters in Christ (SIC)

The first SIC (sisters in Christ), the girls fellowship and faith group, will be on Thursday October 27th at 7pm to 9pm. The location is to be determined! All high school girls are welcome! Hope to see all you ladies there!

Can you sing?

On Saturday October 29th, Josh, our youth music minister, is running a free music class for high school and middle school students.  Anyone interested should cotnact Josh at jross@stanastasia.org.

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